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Hi I am Kevin Willis

I have worked in the servicing of electrical and electronic products for over 30 years. My expertise is in the servicing of mobility products such as wheelchairs and scooters.

I am fully trained and qualified and hold an NZ Practising Licence EST 11506 as an Electrical Service Technician that enables me to offer my services in the testing and tagging of electrical appliances.

I formed my own company, Electrical Compliance Safety First Ltd in February 2016 with my main objective to build a company that is very much focused on providing the very best service with a personal touch.

We are an NZ owner operated company based in Rangiora North Canterbury specialising in the testing and tagging of electrical appliances as well as providing a quality repair service throughout the South Island.

Electrical compliance testing

We use the latest test equipment to provide you with a full test analysis for each appliance to meet the AS/NZS 3760 Standard. We hold a register of all your electrical equipment tested so we can make sure your company is compliant. After each test, we provide you with a detailed report which displays all the tests that have been carried out on each appliance, what appliance passed or failed and when they are due again for a retest. All appliances that pass tests will be tagged as required by the standard.

Minimum interruptions

Our test instruments are portable all of the testing and tagging is done on site and takes only a few minutes for each appliance or tool, so there is a minimum interruption to your work.


We provide a Certificate stating that we have tested in accordance with, the Electrical Regulations and advice on best practice to stay safe in the workplace for your staff and customers.

 Staying complaint always.

We will be in contact with you well before your next re-test date so that testing can be carried out to ensure that you always hold a current certificate of compliance.

 Other services

We also provide a repair service for appliances that are damaged faulty or fail the electrical safety test.We service a wide range of electrical appliances such as portable electrical tools and domestic appliances.
We offer a mobile service to construction site workers, factories, restaurants, schools and offices as well as retirement villages.

We also supply and sell high-quality construction site grade extension cables to builders and subcontractors.

My commitment to you:

I will provide you with the best service possible plus I’ll do the job right the first time.

Kevin Willis


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