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For Sale Reconditioned Smart Drive Washing Machines

Reconditioned Fisher and Paykel Smart drive washing machines for sale
We have a range of reconditioned washing machine.
Completely serviced & cleaned.
With 3 months warranty on parts and labour.Priced between $135—$340
If you have a smart drive washing machine that is getting very noisy we can recondition it for you or maybe you would like to trade it in on an already reconditioned one.Please give me a call Ph 021 1876655
Let’s keep these excellent quality machines from going into the landfill. They just need to be repaired.

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Electrical Compliance Safety First Ltd

What to be aware of when it comes to multi-boxes

 I’m regularly out testing and tagging portable appliances and electrical equipment around Rangiora and Christchurch. As on a regular basis, I come across especially in the office a lot of people still plug their heater into their multi-box this is a particularly unsafe thing to do because it sets up a situation where you are very likely to overload the multi-box. What a lot of people don’t realise is even if you have a very small heater they often still have an output power of 2400 Watts  This is the maximum amount of power you can pull out of your 3 pin standard wall socket. The power socket is made to handle 10 amps of current at 240 Volts.If you overload these sockets they will start to overheat and become a fire risk.  Best practice have your heater plugged into a separate wall socket so there is no chance of overloading the wall socket. Multi boxes are great for low power items like computer monitors and computers, printers etc. Another issue these days is the quality of the multi boxes. The market is flooded with extremely cheap and nasty multi boxes you can buy them for just a few dollars and the sockets are only rated for 5 or so inserts these multi boxes are marginal, to
say the least. Just be aware of what you are plugging in.
The last thing you want is a fire.  Remember electrical safety first.

Best regards

Kevin Willis











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Portable Electrical equipment in your workplace are they safe?

Testing and Tagging Safety First

Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 require portable electrical equipment to be tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 Standard.

Residual Current Devices (RCD) protection is also encouraged for extra safety but even with (RCD) protection, appliances can be dangerous and periodic appliance testing is necessary for safety and legal compliance under the Health and safety at work act 2015.(HSWA)

Our Commitment to you.

We will,

  • make sure your company is totally compliant ready to pass any Electrical Audit.
  • Send you a full report on what equipment passed and what failed.
  • Keep a record of what electrical appliances you hold and if at some stage you require any items replaced or repaired we would be happy to help you out either way.
  • If an item were to be replaced we would of course test and tag this new item and update your company register.
  • We are extremely flexible to fit in with you the client as to when we test and tag your electrical equipment, day or night.
  • We are fully mobile and can respond to you quickly.
  • We can offer extremely good pricing on larger quantities of equipment that require testing and tagging.
  • Free Quote to Test and Tag your electrical equipment.
  • We offer a professional and cost-effective electrical testing service to make sure your team of employees are safe.

We also offer a repair service to fix any of your electrical appliances if required.

Contact: Kevin

Mobile: 021 187 6655